Tailleur pantalon femme : quelle matière choisir ?

Women's trouser suit: which material to choose?

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Four ranges of suits: cotton, linen, satin, bi-material

At TAILOR QUEEN, we are committed to supporting women in their busy daily lives. Whether at work, everyday or in the evening, our team has developed 4 ranges of suits, in order to find your ideal suit whatever the context!

Far from the basic and monotonous suits, TAILOR QUEEN stands out with its colorful and elegant collections , a brand that exudes gaiety and audacity!

Here we decipher the 4 ranges by material, style and context to help you choose your ideal suit!

Cotton suit: breathable, comfortable and stretchy

Ideal for work, and everyday life!

We start our listing with the cotton suit from the Casual range. Made of Atlas fabrics, this range has the particularity of being made up largely of cotton , which gives it 3 precious advantages: comfort, breathability and extensibility!

Enough to be comfortable in your suit all day at work!

Designed in a straight cut , the jacket from the Casual range provides a certain ease of movement. This is the ideal range to be professional and credible with ease!

Derived in six colors (mustard yellow, purple, pink, old rose, light green and royal blue) , TAILOR QUEEN has the advantage of bringing a wide choice of colors to its Queens to suit all tastes!

Satin suit: definitely glamorous and elegant!

Ideal for weddings, parties and events

Do you want to shine with a thousand lights, adopt a style worthy of a Hollywood star who walks the red carpet?!

We have THE right outfit for you: the prestigious satin suit!

Designed with a straight-cut jacket , the satin suit is, in addition to being extremely elegant, very comfortable thanks to its slightly stretch.

Derived in 3 colors (midnight blue, red and orange) the satin suit is ideal for wedding attire, especially when accessorized with a brooch who make it unique and personal!

Printed suit: a business woman style to gain charisma

Ideal for work and everyday

How not to succumb to the charm of the unbeatable and timeless houndstooth suit ? This trend with black and white patterns comes back every winter, which is why TAILOR QUEEN has decided to include it in the tailoring collection.

In addition to this must -have houndstooth set, the BUSINESS QUEEN range offers other printed suits with incredibly high-quality fabrics. From the checked suit to the blue print suit, the cuts of TAILOR QUEEN suits are designed to gain charisma and adopt a "like a boss" style at work.

Bi-material suit: fitted and elegant

Ideal for day and evening wear

We end this article in style with the ultra-fitted bi-material suit from the DIVA range! Thanks to that short double-breasted jacket and his flared pants, tailor particularly suitable for small and medium-sized women. Indeed, his haircut elongates the silhouette and refines it ! Particularly very chic, the tailor DIVA will have its effect both at work and in the evening!

Linen suit: colorful and trendy

Ideal for hot temperatures!

TAILOR QUEEN has developed a whole range of linen trouser suits for Queens who want to remain elegant whatever the outside temperature!

A very colorful range (anise green, fuschia, orange, yellow, and beige) trendy and above all airy, thanks to its breathable natural fabric: linen!

Intended primarily for hot countries: Dubai, Morocco, Senegal, Congo, etc., this linen range has won over many lovers of tailors in Europe and North America!

So, have you made your choice? Discover our ranges here!