Tailleur en lin femme : notre sélection flashy et tendance

Women's linen suit: our flashy and trendy selection

The flashy women's suit: a royal trend!

The suit: a true signature of Lady Di

Considered a true fashion icon, Diana cultivated a unique and daring style, thus defying the strict rules of protocol imposed by Buckingham.

A rebellious and liberated princess at heart, the whole world will remember her avant-garde outfits worn with great grace and elegance.

And the tailor takes first place in the Princess's dressing room!

Diana marked her appearances with its pop and colorful suit sets ! The Princess indeed possessed a whole panoply made-to-measure suits with trendy cuts from the 90s. From the skirt suit to the trouser suit , Diana adapted her style for each context.

Whether it was for a shopping spree or a visit to the hospital, the Princess had a way of combining styles as shown in this photo where she wore a bespoke skirt suit Versace curry and black tights for a more sober touch.

A true source of inspiration for Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle who could also wear this type of suit!

Lime green, fuschia and beige: the colors of our collection of women's linen suits

This year's big trend

You have surely not missed this year's big trend: women's suit in flashy colors ! A dazzling success that has invaded social networks, and the dressing room of all fashionistas! And there's something for everyone : trouser suit At skirt suit monochrome or mismatched, all looks are allowed!

In what context should a linen suit in flashy colors be worn?

First , the linen suit can be worn in all circumstances: whether in day wear or in outfit evening - cocktails , the colored linen suit will give you an elegant look that will make you stand out!

The linen suit is ideal in the spring/summer season , or if you want to be elegant when traveling in hot countries (Dubai, Asia, Africa, Latin America).

It is indeed difficult to wear a blazer jacket in very hot temperatures, but thanks to its natural material, the TAILOR QUEEN linen jacket remains breathable!

How to wear the colored linen suit?

You can wear the linen suit with the jacket of the same color (monochrome harmony) which tends to refine the silhouette, or you can mismatch the jacket and the pants, opting for another colored jacket or pants.

To bring a trendy touch and balance the colors, you can wear the linen suit with a black or white bra or tank top.

We adopted this very feminine look during our shoot in Paris, with the great sportswoman and wrestler Amale Dib who succumbed to the charm of our anise green linen suit (see photo).

Anise green linen suit - Paris

The women's linen suit: the trick to being a femme fatale

If you want a more sexy and glamorous look, you can opt for a corset that you will find in women's lingerie stores that will highlight your breasts and give you a definitely Hollywood style!

What makes TAILOR QUEEN linen suits special?

We have shaped our brand on years of experience in traditional women's tailoring. We are committed to offering our Queens suits, jackets and pants with an excellent quality/price ratio .

In order to allow our Queens to remain elegant even in summer and to adapt to hot temperatures, we have chosen to develop a linen collection in 3 colours: beige, anise green and fuchsia.

Beige linen suit set - TAILOR QUEEN

Beige linen suit

Fuchsia linen suit

Thanks to linen, our suits have the particularity of being breathable and comfortable, a good reason to be elegant in all circumstances!

How to order a TAILOR QUEEN linen suit?

You can order your women's linen suit on our site, delivery is free in France from 100 euros of purchase!

Our collection of suits is also present in Morocco, at the SODA concept store, at 21 rue Ibnou Sabadih in Casablanca. Delivery is also possible throughout the kingdom.

We offer three sizes: size S, size M and size L.

You will surely succumb to the prices of very affordable tailors, starting at only 135 euros!

Do not hesitate to ask us for advice, our stylist will meet all your expectations!